37 ways to improve your pet’s wellbeing – Part 1

Wellbeing is a massive topic. What are some of the key ways you can improve your pet's life?

1. Choose the right pet in the first place!

Do your research properly before adopting a pet and you will save yourself and your pet a lot of stress and heartache!  Try looking after a similar pet for a period of time, or acting as if you have the pet before you actually get them and see if you can really cope with the commitment.

2. Learn as much as you can about their needs

There are loads of books and courses available to help you understand your pet better and improve the way you care for them.

3. Commit to them for life

Our pets give us so much joy and our responsibility is to make sure we look after them well for their whole lives.  Make sure that you are willing to make this commitment before you take on a pet.

4. Protect them from theft

Pet theft is on the rise unfortunately.  It only takes a few seconds for a pet to be stolen.  Never leave your dog tied up outside a shop, install CCTV around your home and garden and make sure that your pet is microchipped so you have the best chance of getting them back if the worst should happen.


5. Make suitable arrangements for incapacity or death

What would happen to your pet if you were no longer able to look after them?  It’s easy to try to avoid thinking about this, but best to be prepared for the worst.



Pet Wellbeing

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