37 ways to improve your pet’s wellbeing – Part 2 (Staying Healthy)

Wellbeing is a massive topic. What are some of the ways you can improve your pet's health?

Dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets all need vaccinations against various diseases to keep them safe.

Our pets are not very good at telling us when something is not quite right.  Regular (at least annual) health checks by a vet are really important to detect early signs of problems before they become major.

Vaccinating black Labrador puppy

Parasites can be annoying and unpleasant, but they can also transmit other dangerous diseases.  Speak to us about the best parasite prevention program for your pet, depending on their lifestyle.

9. Treat any health problems

Many pets are good at hiding signs of illness, so if you do notice a health issue, it may already be quite advanced.  Seek veterinary advice as quickly as possible and don’t just ‘wait and see’.  Please do not avoid seeking medical treatment because you are worried that there may be nothing that can be done.  This often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Prompt treatment is always better for your pet.


10. Groom them regularly

Grooming can help improve the bond between you and your pet, it allows you to notice any lumps or wounds, and helps to improve your pet’s skin and coat.  The frequency of grooming will depend on your pet’s coat type – some pets need regular professional grooming but all pets will benefit from a brush occasionally.

11. Keep records

Keep a note of when your pet is due for their regular health checks and routine health treatment to make sure that these are done at the right time.

12. Look after their teeth

Dental disease is very common in a lot of our pets and can cause pain and other health problems.  A good diet, regular dental checks and daily toothbrushing for dogs and cats is the best way to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Dog holding toothbrush

13. Learn signs of pain and illness

Our pets don’t necessarily make a big fuss if they are unwell or in pain.  Learn the common signs of pain in your pet, but also watch for any changes in behaviour, which may be an indication that something is wrong.

14. Insure them

If your pet became unwell, would you want the stress of working out if you have the finances to treat them?  Take out a good lifetime insurance policy for your pet to ensure they can have the treatment they need when they need it.

15. Recognise signs of ageing

Old age is not an illness, but some illnesses become more common with age.  As your pet gets older, more frequent health checks with a vet are advisable to ensure that they grow old gracefully and comfortably.



Pet Wellbeing

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