37 ways to improve your pet’s wellbeing – Part 4 (Good Nutrition)

Wellbeing is a massive topic. What are some of the ways you can improve your pet’s nutrition?

20. Feed the right diet for their species and age

Diet is key to health and wellbeing.  Make sure that the diet you are feeding is appropriate for their needs.

21. Consider how they are fed

Having your food served up to you on a plate is rather boring!  Try scattering food, or using puzzle feeders so that your pet has to work a little bit.  This will be far more satisfying for them.

Labrador puppy sitting by puzzle feeder

Obesity is a major cause of poor health and wellbeing.  Keep an eye on your pet’s weight and body condition.  Speak to your vet for advice.


All pets need to drink.  Make sure they have access to clean water in a suitable container.  If you have a small pet, consider whether they prefer a water bottle or bowl.  Cats and dogs may prefer running water, or filtered water.



Pet Wellbeing

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