37 ways to improve your pet’s wellbeing – Part 5 (Natural Behaviour)

Wellbeing is a massive topic. What are some of the ways that you can improve your pet's behaviour?

24. Get to know your pet

Learn as much as you can about your pet.  Learn to watch them and understand what they tell you about their likes and dislikes, their desires and dreams.  Just like people, our pets are all unique.  They each have their own characters and desires.  Get to know their individual personality.

25. Consider their species and breed

What would they do naturally, or what role have they been bred for?  How does this impact their desires and instincts?

26. Keep their brain occupied

Animals love to learn new skills and investigate things.  Prevent boredom and keep them interested.

Huskies pulling sled

27. Get into a routine

Most pets thrive on routine as it gives them a sense of control over their lives.  Try to have a regular sleep-play-eat pattern and keep it consistent as much as possible.  Pets don’t really understand weekends!

Hand scratching cat under chin

28. Ask your pet what they like

Try to give your pet options about some things to give them a better sense of control.  Does your cat prefer one type of cat litter over another, or one type of litter tray?  Does your dog prefer going for a particular walk? How does your pet like to be stroked?

29. Take care of their mental health

Pets can suffer from depression and anxiety, just as we can.  Be gentle with them, think about how your lifestyle will impact them and NEVER bully your pet.

Dog with lots of toys

30. Give them their own toys

Our pets deserve their own belongings.  Teach them the objects that belong to them and this will reduce them trying to steal your things!

31. Treat behaviour problems quickly

Behaviour issues often get worse rather than better if just ignored.  The sooner they are treated, the more likely a complete resolution will take place.

32. Praise good behaviour

All too often we only notice bad behaviour in animals and people.  Notice when your pet does something right (e.g. stays calm in a particular situation, goes to the toilet in the right place) and make sure you reward them.



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