Harlequin rabbit


Rehomed – Nov 2009
Died – Aug 2011
Bramble helped me through the struggles of my first job as a vet

Bramble was found abandoned in a box in a park with a huge abscess the size of a tennis ball under his chin.  I had recently started work as a vet, with an interest in rabbits and the practice gave me permission to treat the abscess.  Bramble was so sweet and melted my heart by the way he tolerated his treatment so well so I couldn’t help but welcome him into my home.


He quickly made himself at home, chomping his way through various cables – including my laptop charger, mouse, printer, telephone and even fridge!  He seemed immune to electrocution and moved me into as wireless a world as possible!

He was always so excited when I got home from work and was great company at a time when I was a long way from family.

Bramble was a very cheeky rabbit with an insatiable appetite!  He would hoover up any food that dropped on the floor, apart from courgette, which he took a dislike to for some reason.

Bramble taught me a lot about rabbit care, medicine and surgery in the short time he was with me and made a big impact on my life.  After losing him, it was a long time before I could face getting another furry friend.

rabbit eating yoghurt

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