Cat Care for Life is an initiative from International Cat Care to create a better partnership between vets and cat owners aimed at keeping cats happy and healthy for as long as possible.  By providing routine preventative healthcare from kittenhood to old age you can minimise problems occurring in the first place and maximise the chance of early detection of any illness, when much more can be done.
There are three aspects of preventative healthcare:

  • Primary prevention – preventing disease in the first place such as vaccinations, good diet and parasite prevention
  • Secondary prevention – early detection of disease to stop it progressing
  • Tertiary prevention – reducing the impact of disease such as preventing complications

Below are the recommended examinations for the different life stages of your feline friend.

For £70 (£40 for additional pets), our standard routine home visit consultation includes:

  • Clinical history
  • Physical examination
  • Dental examination
  • Nutritional assessment and plan
  • Weight, body condition and muscle condition
  • Behaviour and environment assessment
  • Parasite control review and plan including written prescriptions as needed
  • Review of vaccinations

Additional services include:

Vaccinations From £14.65 to £31.59 depending on vaccine required
Blood pressure measurement £25
Routine Biochemistry and Haematology +/- Urinalysis +/- Thyroxine £79.88 to £172.28 depending on exact tests performed
Basic urinalysis £15
Faecal analysis £91.66
Retrovirus (feline leukaemia and feline AIDS virus) £84.17 (if performed alone), £49.17 if added to another blood test
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