Three baby guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Appreciation Week

13th-17th July is Guinea Pig Appreciation Week. Book a half price wellness assessment.

Guinea pigs are fun little creatures.  Born looking like miniature adults, they are raring to go from day one.  Their cute vocalisations are unique among our small pet mammals.

Guinea pigs eating large mound of greens
Guinea pigs need plenty of fresh greens to eat
Peruvian guinea pigs
Long-haired guinea pigs need regular brushing

Guinea pigs are generally fairly healthy creatures but they can suffer from a number of different illnesses.  Because they don’t require annual vaccinations, they often never visit a vet until there is actually a problem, however, like with other animals, routine health checks can pick up on issues before they become major, making them easier to deal with, and better for your pet.

Guinea pigs need the company of others
Guinea pigs need places to hide

Special Offer On Guinea Pig Wellness Visits

To celebrate Guinea Pig Appreciation Day on the 16th July, we are offering half-price wellness checks for guinea pigs for the whole of the week (13th July-17th July)

  • Zone 1 £24.99

    For up to 2 guinea pigs. Includes written report afterwards. £15 per additional guinea pig

  • Zone 2 £29.99
  • Zone 3 £34.99



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