Kallisti the kitten had her first veterinary health check earlier this week which included her vaccinations against cat flu, enteritis and leukaemia.  She was also microchipped, and was given treatment to prevent fleas and worms.

She was a bit nervous but soon came out of her shell when I presented her with her new toy from her kitten pack and offered her some tasty treats.

She was very brave and enjoyed a cuddle afterwards.  I am looking forward to seeing her again in a few weeks when she has her second vaccination.

It is really important for kittens to be vaccinated to protect them against some potentially fatal diseases.  Microchipping is also highly recommended for cats to give them the best chance of being found if they ever do go missing.  I use Backhome mini chips which are much smaller than many others so the needle to implant them is not much bigger than the normal vaccination needle.  By distracting with some food, many animals will hardly notice these injections.

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