There are many different kinds of mite that affect our pets

Day 6 of our Spotlight on Parasites week we are focusing on MITES.

Mites are arachnids, like ticks and spiders. There are various different types of mites which affect our pets. Some mites burrow in the skin such as Demodex mites which affect dogs and Sarcoptes mites which affect dogs and people.

Dog having a bath
There are now effective products which don't involve bathing your dog!

Some mites live on the surface of the skin, such as ear mites which affect dogs, cats and rabbits, and fur mites which are particularly common in rabbits but can affect other animals as well.

Overweight rabbits are more prone to fur mites

Mites cause a variety of irritating skin conditions. In general, prevention is not necessary in most animals, only those at highest risk, although many prescription-strength products which protect your pet against fleas and ticks will also protect against mites.

Demodex mites under microscope
Demodex mites under the microscope
Sarcoptic mange is itchy and unpleasant

Mites can be very challenging to treat

Treatment may be required for many months. When Demodex mites cause a problem in an adult dog, it is often due to an underlying disease which needs to be investigated.

If you would like a personalised parasite risk assessment for your pet, please fill in the relevant questionnaire below.  This service costs £15, or is included in all wellbeing visit costs.  Once your questionnaire has been submitted, we will email you a link for payment.  Once payment is received, we will email your pet’s personalised advice within 2 working days.



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