Appropriate Environment

Our pets need a suitable home with enough space to exercise and explore, and a comfortable place to rest.

Exactly what an appropriate environment looks like will depend on the type of pet that your have but the questions below can help you to think about whether your pet’s environment provides for all their needs.

Does my pet have enough space to get the amount of exercise that they need to keep them happy and not become obese?

Woman looking at rabbit in hutch
Did you know that Syrian hamsters can travel up to 8 miles in a night?!

Unfortunately, many pets are kept in cramped conditions which are detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

Does my pet have a suitable resting place which is comfortable for them and where they are not disturbed?

Having a comfortable place to rest is really important for your pet’s wellbeing.  Sleep is very important, and lots of our pets spend more time sleeping than we do!

Make sure that when your pet is sleeping, they are not disturbed by children or other pets.

Animals can be notorious in shunning the expensive bed for something that looks uncomfortable!  Think about what your pet finds comfortable.  Do they like to sleep stretched out?  A circular bed is unlikely to be appreciated then!  Do they like to be buried underneath a blanket, or lying on top?


Dog sleeping in basket
Did you know that cats sleep on average 15 hours a day?!

Provide your pet with the bed that THEY want, not the one YOU want and they will be much happier for it.  Bear in mind that needs change over time as well.  An older pet may struggle to get into the same sleeping position as their younger self, and may need more supportive bedding material.

Does my pet have items in their environment that enable them to exhibit normal behaviour patterns?

For example, a lot of dogs love to dig, can you provide them with a suitable area to act on this instinct?

Cats need places to scratch to exercise their muscles and keep their claws healthy.

Cats and rabbits often like to sit up high and keep watch over their surroundings.  Do they have a suitable vantage point for this?

Rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs naturally live in burrows so should be provided with tunnels and other dark hiding places.

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