Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is key to good health.  This really cannot be emphasised enough.  The wrong diet can lead to all sorts of health issues developing, from obesity, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, skin issues, bone malformation and many more, causing potentially long term damage.

What is good nutrition?

Puppy sitting in food bowl

In general the key to good nutrition would be as follows:

  • appropriate for the species and age of pet
  • contains all the necessary nutrients at the correct quantities
  • not contaminated with parasites or dangerous bacteria
  • the correct amount of diet fed (and eaten)

How can we help?

At Pawsitive Vet Care, we have a particular interest in maintaining pet health and wellbeing through their diet.  We will take into consideration your own wishes and desires with regards to diet, as well as your pet’s needs and preferences to come up with recommendations on specific diets and amounts to feed.

Our nutrition advice plans are included in all our Healthy Pet Clubs, and cost £15.50 otherwise.

Find out more

Learn more about the specific nutritional needs of your pet by clicking the relevant animal.

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