Prevent disease where possible and treat it when needed

Keeping your pet healthy is a really important aspect of their wellbeing.  Preventing disease when possible, and treating it when it happens, will improve your pet’s quality and length of life.

Our pets cannot tell us when they don’t feel well, so we often rely on picking up subtle (and occasionally not so subtle) changes in their behaviour.  When living with a pet every day, some of these changes are hard to notice.

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Regular health checks with a vet are really important to pick up on signs of problems before they become major, as well as giving an opportunity to discuss issues which you might not consider to be important but could be the clue to a bigger problem.

All animals should have a full health check at least once a year, but with young and older animals, this should be more frequent.

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Protect and Prevent is our standard plan which covers the most important preventative healthcare needs for your pet.  Additional add-ons are available depending on the age and health status of your pet

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