Rabbit Awareness Week 2020

It's the Rabbit Awareness Week 2020 online festival!

Rabbit Awareness Week is back and running for 2 weeks this year!  The 10th-23rd August is dedicated to raising awareness of the 5 welfare needs of pet bunnies.

Grey lionhead rabbit and ginger rabbit snoozing together
Rabbits need the company of other rabbits
Veterinarian vaccinating rabbit on white background
Rabbits need protecting from disease with annual vaccinations

There will be lots of online content on the Rabbit Awareness Week Facebook page including live videos, Q&As with rabbit experts, competitions and much more.

Use the hashtag #RAWfest2020 on your bunny-related social media posts.

Woman looking at rabbit in hutch
Rabbits need space to run and jump - a hutch is not enough
Rabbits need plenty of hay to eat

Rabbits are sadly one of the most neglected pet animals

Follow us on Facebook for your opportunity to ask questions and benefit from a £5 discount on your rabbits’ vaccinations if booked before the end of August.

rabbits sniffing noses
Rabbits need to be able to behave naturally such as digging, running, grooming each other, exploring, foraging



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