🐶 At Pawsitive Vet Care we recognise the benefit of pet ownership.  As such we wish to encourage responsible breeding of animals.  We offer a discount to breeders fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Pedigree dogs should be registered with the Kennel Club
  • Pedigree cats should be registered with the GCCF
  • Pedigree breeding animals should have had all relevant health testing for their breed and cross-bred breeding animals should have all had relevant health testing for each of their parent breeds
  • Bitches should not be bred from before 2 years of age or after 7 years of age
  • Queens should not be bred before 1 year of age
  • The stud dog should not be under 18 months of age
  • The breeder should not breed any individual animal more than once per year
  • Breeding females should be fully vaccinated or titre tested prior to mating
  • Puppies should not leave their mothers before 8 weeks of age and should be microchipped as per the law.
  • Kittens should not leave their mothers before 8 weeks of age

🐱 If you meet these criteria and wish to partner with us in providing good quality care for your animals, please contact me to discuss a breeder discount.  Please fill in this form – Breeder registration form – and email it back to me at admin@pawsitivevetcare.co.uk.

🐶 Breeding services I can currently offer include:

  • Advice on health-testing
  • Advice on breeding, pregnancy and birth
  • Behaviour advice for the first few weeks of life
  • Pre-breeding progesterone testing
  • Microchipping litters
  • Vaccinating litters

Please note – I do not offer tail docking or dew claw removal in young puppies as these procedures are detrimental to the animals’ welfare.