Dog scratching

🦟 Parasites are not only annoying, they can transmit some nasty diseases and some affect people as well as our pets.  Preventing parasites is the best way to protect your pet and the rest of your family.

🦟 The types of parasites which your pet is likely to pick up depends on their species and lifestyle.  Preventing parasites is not as simple as using the same product on every animal.  As part of our routine veterinary consultation, we will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and your concerns and develop a personalised parasite prevention plan.  The vast majority of over-the-counter parasite treatments are not very effective and they do not treat some of the most important parasites around.  Travelling pets are at particular risk so a detailed analysis of parasite prevention is including in our Travelling Pet consultation.


🦟 There are also different ways of administering parasite prevention products, some of which may be easier to give than others:

  • Collars
  • Spot-on products
  • Tablets

🦟 The main parasites of concern in the UK are: