Our puppy consultations are designed to give your new puppy a positive initial experience with veterinary care.  Our vaccines are licensed to finish the primary course at 10 weeks of age, however in accordance with the WSAVA Vaccination Guideline Group we advise a final core vaccination at 16 weeks of age or older to ensure full protection.

We recommend vaccination against kennel cough for all puppies as they are at higher risk of this disease when going to training classes and meeting lots of dogs for the first time.

We recommend vaccinating against the 4 available strains of leptospirosis, however we do offer a more basic vaccination against just the main 2 strains if requested.

We also advise a blood test 4 weeks after your puppy’s final vaccination to make sure that they are protected against the core diseases as expected.  As long as they have responded, core vaccinations will then usually only be needed every 3 years.

See price list for details of costs.