Overweight cat sitting on gravel

Obesity is a big problem in our pets and causes significant health and welfare problems. It reduces their life-expectancy and makes them more prone to many different diseases.

Getting an overweight or obese pet to lose weight can be a challenge but it is well worth it. It is important that they do not lose weight in a steady, but not too rapid, fashion to avoid causing other problems. Regular monitoring is important.

Our weight loss programs involve a detailed assessment of your pet’s current diet and exercise levels, weight and body condition measurements. We will then work out your pet’s ideal body weight and their daily calorie requirement for them to lose weight in a safe manner. A diet change may be required to ensure they get all the nutrients they need, while reducing the calories and we will provide a detailed recommendation for the diet and amount to be fed. Using kitchen scales to weigh out the daily allowance is much more accurate than using a measuring cup.

Ragdoll kitten sitting on scales

In the initial stages of weight loss, a check every 2 weeks is advisable, this can then go down to a monthly check for ongoing monitoring. For those patients for whom a regular veterinary visit is not possible, we can also offer a remote service with owners taking measurements at home and sending them in for assessment.

Price list

initial visit for assessment including full health check and diet plan
(included with any other routine health check)
Follow-up visits for weight assessment£30
Change to diet plan if weight loss not proceeding as expected£5
Initial remote assessment and diet plan£20
Follow-up remote assessment£15

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