🐕 Skin problems are very common in dogs and cats.  Ear problems are also classified as skin problems as the lining of the ear is an extension of the skin.  Itchy skin can be extremely distressing for your pet.  The most common causes of skin problems are parasites and allergies but, if these are left untreated, secondary bacterial and yeast infections can also develop. 

🐈 Skin problems can be very challenging to treat and can prove a source of great frustration to pet, vet and owner alike.  Unfortunately, animals who are prone to skin problems are likely to need life-long management.  This is why we always recommend a lifetime insurance policy so that financial worries do not need to compromise your pet’s treatment.

👩‍⚕️ A skin consultation will normally involve:

  • a detailed history to determine the possible causes of the problem
  • a full clinical examination
  • an examination of the inside of the ear canal with photographs to monitor progress
  • a detailed visual skin examination with mapping of affected areas and photographs to monitor progress
  • taking samples from affected areas and examining them under the microscope
  • discussion about any further diagnostic tests needed
  • a detailed treatment plan including written prescriptions if needed
  • time to ensure that you have understood your pet’s problem and give you a chance to ask any questions that you have