I carry a limited selection of commonly-used medications with me on visits.  If further medication is required I am able to provide a written prescription for you to obtain it via a pharmacy (online or bricks-and-mortar) or veterinary clinic, or I can order it from my wholesaler and either post or hand-deliver to your door.

For a cost of £10 for the first condition, £6 for subsequent conditions, I will provide you with a detailed treatment plan which includes any written prescriptions required.  If I supply the medication to you, the cost of the drug will be charged separately and a delivery charge may also be applicable.

In the UK, veterinary surgeons are bound by the prescribing cascade when it comes to prescribing medications.

For me to provide prescription-only medication to an animal, it must be under my care.  My interpretation of this, based on guidelines by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and British Small Animal Veterinary Association is that they must have a clinical examination by myself every 6 months (or 12 months for most parasite control medication).  If an animal is on long-term medication, they may have a written prescription which authorises repeats for up to 6 months (apart from controlled drugs such as epilepsy medication in which case a new prescription will need to be issued monthly).

Please note that prescription medication is not refundable once it has left the supplier’s premises and it is an offence under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations to supply this medication to anyone else.

When sourcing medication online, ensure that the site carries a UK Registered Pharmacy or VMD logo.  Below are some of the available sites.  Please note that this is not a recommendation of these sites and I may receive some money if you use these links.

Pet Drugs Online