Multiple ticks
Ticks can transmit serious diseases

In at number 4 is the TICK.

These blood-sucking creatures are not insects, but arachnids. They attach onto skin, burying their mouth-parts through and sucking a large blood meal. Their body swells as it fills up with blood. Ticks are normally very small when they first attach but can grow very big. Once they have drunk their fill, they fall off into the environment when they develop into the next stage of their life-cycle, or lay eggs which will then hatch into new ticks, ready for their next victim.

dog_long_grass (2)_long
Ticks like to live in areas of long grass
Ticks are common in areas with lots of deer

Ticks can transmit serious diseases. In the UK they can carry Lyme disease, Anaplasma and, in some areas now, diseases such as Babesia and Tick-borne Encephalitis are emerging. Overseas, ticks can carry a number of other diseases, including Ehrlichia, and the concern is that more and more will move into the UK.

'Bullseye' rash
Bullseye rash typical of Lyme disease
Ixodes tick implanted into hair
An Ixodes tick

Tick treatment is extremely important for pets travelling abroad

Ticks are numerous in areas with lots of hedgehogs, sheep and, especially, deer. They generally like areas of long grass. Dogs and cats who live in or travel to areas of risk should have regular, effective, tick prevention.

Ticks are not fussy about who they bite and can bite people as well so if you walk in areas where there are lots of ticks, check yourself over as well as your dog! If you see a reaction to bite like the one above on either yourself, or your pet, it is highly suspicious of Lyme disease so you should seek medical or veterinary advice as soon as possible.

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