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World Rabies Day

28th September is World Rabies Day. Get your pet ready for travel and support the prevention of rabies worldwide.

Rabies is a fatal virus that can infect any mammal.  It is usually transmitted via a bite from an infected animal.  The virus makes animals more aggressive, and therefore more likely to bite.

95% of human rabies cases are in Asia and Africa, and 99% are caused by dog bites.  40% of all human deaths are in children under 15 years of age.  The team at Mission Rabies have the aim of getting the human death rate from rabies down to ZERO by running vaccination campaigns in areas of Africa and Asia.

Mission Rabies Yellow Truck
The Mission Rabies Truck travels around areas of Africa and Asia vaccinating and neutering dogs
Dog vaccinated by the Mission Rabies team

The UK is a rabies-free country, so routine vaccination is not needed here.  However, if you travel abroad with your dog, they will need an up-to-date rabies vaccination, and possibly a blood test to check they have responded appropriately.

Photos above courtesy of Mission Rabies.

We will donate 5% of the rabies vaccination fee to Mission Rabies for all rabies vaccinations in September and October

Dog injection
Rabies can be prevented by a simple injection
EU pet passport
Pet passports may no longer be valid in 2021

With the Brexit transition period ending on the 31st December, at the moment, any animal travelling to the EU after this point will need to have had a rabies blood test at least 3 months before travelling, and at least 30 days after their rabies vaccination.  It will therefore take at least 4 months before travelling to prepare your pet (dog, cat or ferret).

Get your pet ready to travel with a rabies vaccine in September and October and help to eliminate the disease causing deaths worldwide.  We will donate 5% of the rabies vaccination fee to Mission Rabies.

  • Zone 1 Rabies Vaccination £86.98

    Includes home visit with full health check and parasite prevention advice tailored to your pet and your travel plans. Microchipping is an additional £8.99 if not already done. Additional animals will have a £10 discount.

  • Zone 2 Standard Consultation £96.98
  • Zone 3 Standard Consultation £106.98


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