All consultations are carried out in the comfort of your own home.  I aim to make you and your pet feel as comfortable as possible throughout.  I take the time to give a complete and thorough consultation so that I can explain any problems found and discuss any further investigation or treatment required.

Pre-purchase consultations are aimed at helping you make the right decision about which pet is best suited to your lifestyle and help you to think through the many different aspects of pet care.  This will bring emotional and financial benefits by helping you to avoid making the wrong decision.  These consultations are free of charge when you have your new pet vaccinated with me.*

Well pet visits are the main part of my service.  These check ups are aimed to keep your pet happy and healthy and reduce the need for veterinary clinic visits.  They help to improve length and quality of life.  The recommended frequency of these check ups will depend on your pet’s life-stage with young and older animals benefiting from more frequent examinations.

 Vaccinations Parasite prevention
 Repeat prescriptions Microchipping
 Pre-breeding examinations Weight loss programs
Travel and Pet Passport advice Nutrition advice
Behaviour advice Nail clipping
Anal gland emptying Blood pressure monitoring

I am also able to deal with many sick animals at home, although in some cases a visit to your veterinary clinic is advisable.  If you are registered with me, my recommended clinic is Medivet Leamington Guy.  I can offer advice on whether a particular condition can be dealt with at home.  Conditions which may be dealt with at home include:

Vomiting and diarrhoea (without loss of appetite) Torn claws
Eye conditions Lameness
Ear conditions Monitoring of long-term health conditions
Blood tests Urine testing
Skin conditions Palliative care
Lumps Euthanasia

*Cost of pre-purchase consultation is payable at the time of consultation.  This will be taken off the cost of the initial vaccination if this is undertaken.